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Tim Stanley grew up in the Santa Clara Valley of California before it was known as Silicon Valley. His first jobs were cutting apricots and picking prunes, which is what kids did there before they started writing code at age 12. The lessons learned while working for an old farmer on his fruit farm left a lasting impression on him.

After raising two children with his wife Deborah and running a construction business for more than 30 years, Tim has been devoting most of his time to writing.

Tim has written four books. The latest is titled The Peopling of Silicon Valley, 1940 to the Present Day: An Oral History. It is a sequel to his popular local history titled The Last of the Prune Pickers: A Pre-Silicon Valley Story. He has also written a collection of bird poems and stories and a health book. Tim and his wife live in Irvine, California. His web site is www.2timothypublishing.com .