Mercury Poisoning and “Health Care” – Table of Contents

 Mercury Poisoning and “Health Care”: Lessons Learned From a 30-Year Battle for Health

Table of Contents

Part I
The Setting and Going Another Way

1. The Setting
In the Beginning
2. Collapse
3. Diagnosis: “Nuts”
4. Set on the Right Path
Hypoglycemia, Hyperinsulinism, Glucose Intolerance
A Complex Condition and Sad Statistics
What Your Doctor Will Say and Why
The Glucose Tolerance Test
The Diabetes Doctor and “A True Hypoglycemic”
Band Practice
Living With Hypoglycemia
The “Why” Behind the Disease
Hypoglycemia Summary
5. Taking Care of the Children
6. Living and Dying
A Host of Ailments
Food Allergies and Sensitivities
Reactions to Chemicals
Electronics and Electromagnetic Fields
Further Narrowing
7. Raised From the Dead—The Story of a Friend
8. Detoxification and Alternative Treatments
Principles of Detoxification
Alternative Treatments
Enemas, Colonics, and Dr. Kellogg’s Lost Work
Vitamin C and Herbs
Acupuncture and Acupressure
Osteopathic, Naturopathic, and Integrative Physicians
Massage and Other Therapies

Part II

9. Discovery
How Do You Get Mercury Poisoning?
Classifications of Mercury
Amalgam Illness
Fish and Mercury Vapor
Symptoms and the Mercury Syndrome
Testing for Metals
Understanding at Last!
10. Amalgam Removal
Preparation for, Detoxification from
11. Three Other Mercury Poisoning Cases
Industry Guidelines; Gnats and Camels
A Short Story of Lead
12. Detoxification and Chelation
13. The Repair and Maintenance Phase
Project Management
The Most Common Question
Mercury Conclusion

Part III
Let Your Food Be Your Medicine and
Let Your Medicine Be Your Food

14. The Smokers’ Circle and Sugar
Sugar Addiction
Developing a Successful Withdrawal Plan
Hidden Enemies to Success
Look What Happened to the Food Pyramid!
Diabetes—All Too Common, but not Normal
Ugly Statistics
Dangerous Deceptions
Blood Sugar Dynamics, Normal Levels
Economics 101
Making a Turn

15. Why Our Medical System So Frequently Cannot Help Us
About Insurance
How to Talk to Your Doctor
16. An Unhealthy Spell
17. The Germ Theory of Disease and Dead Food
Our Body’s Bank Account
18. Soil and Digestion; Nourishing Food vs. Adulterated Food
19. “Organic” Food: What It Is; What It Is Not
20. Vitamins, Minerals, and Other Dietary Supplements
The Ongoing Battle Over Dietary Supplements
21. Some Principles for a Healthy Diet
A Short Course on Dietitians and Nutritionists

Part IV
More Lessons Learned, Conclusion

22. More Stories and Lessons Learned
Chiropractic, Reflexology and Similar Treatments
Prescription Drugs
Dietary Treatments and Remedies
Water Treatments and Remedies
Home Remedies
Vitamin and Mineral Remedies
Herbal Treatments and Remedies
23. It’s Not Starbucks’ Fault
Taking Responsibility
24. Why Did God Do This To Me?

Appendix I, Principles of Healthy Living
Appendix II, Dietary Comments for Blood Sugar Disorders
Appendix III, Nutritional Facts Chart
Appendix IV, A Very Brief History of the AMA
Appendix V, IAOMT Recommendations for Amalgam
Appendix VI, Using “Dr. Google”

Resources for Parts I, III, IV
Resources for Part II, Mercury!

Glossary of Terms